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Better Weigh USA is a provider of the most effective weight loss program. We combine various medical treatments to achieve the results you want.
1) Appetite suppressant medications - FDA approved
2) Fat burners - various lipotropic injection MC, MICC
3) HCG program available sublingual or injections
4) Fat dissolving - products and IV nutrition drips
5) L.E.D./Laser wave lipo - Safe and effective. Freeze 500- 600 calories of fat in 15 Minutes
6) Vibration machine to help excrete fat cells through lymphatic system
All of the programs are physician-supervised and individualized programs with diet counselling and modification.
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Appointments & Walk-ins Welcome

If you have any medical concerns, you are welcome to walk in today for a consultation. Call us first for an appointment, for quicker service.
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Medical Weight Loss & More

Better Weigh USA is medically supervised to make sure you get the safest and best treatment. Credit card and cash payments are preferred.
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Un-Rushed, Personalized Treatment

We take the time to answer all your questions and make sure that we thoroughly review your medical needs through diagnostic evaluation.
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