• 100% L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diodes) System
• Accommodates two clients at once (8 paddles (inch) with independent timers and independent power levels
• Clinically proven 615nm wave length to shrink fat cells
• Strongest slimming system on the market at 47 Watts
• Quick 15 minute treatment time
• Predictable spot reduction anywhere


• May use 8 or 16 pads
• Burn over 500 calories per session
• Immediate results
• Manufactured in the USA
• FDA Registered
• No pain, No downtime, No surgery


1. The body light stimulates fat cells and opens the walls of the cells
2. This opening allows the triglycerides to escape
3. After each treatment, the fat cells empty and shrink


• Light safely penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the fat cell.
• This stimulation opens pores in the fat cells which release the fatty acids into the interstitial space (the space between cell membranes).
• The lymphatic system is responsible for transporting fatty acids to the circulatory system for metabolism and is "Powered" bye muscle movement.
• The free-fatty acids are used as energy for the body and burned off during exercise.

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Martha Johnson
10 Hours Ago

I was open to trying anything that could help my skin condition. I was aging and my skin was showing it so I went to the Wellness and Anti-aging Program. I was amazed at the results. This is something you will have to try for yourself. I have never been happier.

Willie Cedric
5 Days Ago

I heard about this Wellness Program and I knew I needed help. I needed something but I didn't know what. What they taught me and the information I gathered was extremely helpful and I feel like I have a new lease on life.

Peter Marcos
12 Days Ago

If I could imagine what my life would have been like if I didn't go to this Program, it would be depressing. Instead, I am so happy my sister referred me to this center and the results are fantastic. I didn't know what to expect but now I'm glad that I found this Program.

This could have been a rough life but all of a sudden, I feel like I just gained my youth back. Ask yourself what you would give to be 20 years old again. That's what I feel like. And I'm 45. Try it for yourself. Live long and prosper.

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